Ready for
a sustainable world

Our promise

“Nature in its finest form” – that is our promise, and one that could not be more clear-cut. It emphasises aesthetics just as much as respect for nature, and it makes it clear that Nature provides us with the perfect solutions for our every need. naturesse is the future. And has been since 2003. We’ve had the answers to the plastic ban on individual product groups, which comes into force in the EU from mid-2021, for almost 20 years now.

We are ready for a world in which alternatives to petroleum and to conventional plastics, as well as the concepts that Nature provides, become ever more important. Ultimately, the aim is to conserve the earth’s finite resources and reduce the amount of plastic waste – which of course works best with 100% biodegradable materials from rapidly renewable resources. And always with the people who use the products in mind, we commit to honest labels and certifications.

A network with experience

A local presence in 18 countries


Thanks to our rapidly growing network, you can now benefit from competent advice locally in your national language and the constant product availability of our innovative range in 18 countries. This also helps achieve our common goal of keeping our carbon footprint small through short transport routes.

naturesse is a Pacovis brand. The renowned and traditional Swiss family business. The group of companies is a pioneer of innovative solutions and has specialised in food packaging, food processing and protection concepts for nearly 90 years. This knowledge is also used by naturesse to reconcile the complex requirements of the industry with the many needs of the customers: aspects from the areas of convenience, food safety, hygiene, eco-compatibility, price and design. naturesse is one of the most experienced brands that completely meet the need for packaging made from rapidly renewable raw materials.

From composting company to success

The story


The naturesse story begins with a farmer. He initially ran a specialist retail store and later integrated a professional composting business. Because there was a high level of foreign matter in his compost, he went in search of compostable material and found disposable plates made of baked starch. He was convinced that this kind of product made from renewable materials could replace single-use packaging made from petroleum. So he poured his heart and soul and a great deal of time into these sustainable products. With his single-use tableware made from renewable raw materials, he then received an exclusive contract for a major exhibition in Switzerland in 2002. But because the cups had still not been delivered by the sub-supplier shortly before the exhibition, the ex-farmer jumped into his car and drove to Italy, where he tracked down the producer, paid cash for everything and returned home with all the items safely stowed away. He was lucky! As it turned out, in more ways than one: he delivered everything to the exhibition on time. And his contact with the manufacturer opened the door to numerous further innovations. His belief in the potential of the idea led to the creation of more and more sustainable products that became known far beyond the borders of Switzerland by the name naturesse.