Contacting us

We love questions

Because Nature has the answer

We place a high priority on providing you with personal, individual support. For our special approach to producing packaging and organic single-use tableware sustainably enables us to satisfy the many different requirements that each consumer has for their products. We’re there for you whenever you need us, whether you have questions about products, raw materials, applications or even planning issues such as the organisation and implementation of events.



We are where you are

We’re local

Our headquarters is located in the heart of Europe – in Switzerland. From there, our network extends across
18 countries and lets us offer you the best service right where you are.
Benefit from regional knowledge on regulations, trends and many other topics. Just look for your country – you’ll find us right where you are.


We are happy to supply you with our naturesse products in other countries too via local partners. Feel free to contact us by phone at +41 56 485 93 93 or e-mail at We will put you in touch with the right local partner.