First bio-based packaging solution with a barrier for longer shelf life

Gas-flushable, disposable ready-meal trays made of plastic have been around for a long time. However, with a growing awareness of our environment and our duty to protect it, naturesse has set itself the goal of developing menu trays that are not only sustainable and kind to nature, but also keep your ready meals fresh for longer. 

Besides being made from fast-growing renewable raw materials and fully compostable materials, the trays should be gas-flushable and easy to seal using a bio sealing film. We have achieved this goal with our MAP solutions and are delighted to be able to present this world first to you.


What does MAP mean?

The abbreviation MAP stands for «modified ­atmosphere packaging». This means that after gas-flushing in the packaging, your ready meals are additionally protected from oxygen.

What makes our MAP solution unique?

  • Additional barrier layer in the tray and in the sealing film, making the product gas-flushable
  • Low permeability of water vapour and ­oxygen
  • Shelf life of the ready meals up to 10 days thanks to integrated barrier = less food ­waste
  • Bio sealing film with very good peel and seal properties
  • Made from a fast-growing renewable raw material (tray consists of sugar cane fibres which otherwise remains unused)
  • Biodegradable according to DIN EN 13432 and climate-­friendly
  • Guaranteed food-safe
  • Approved quality tested according to EU standards
  • Available in the colours white and nature

Areas of application for our products?

  • Easy-open, so ideal for takeaways
  • Freezer (-25 °C), microwave and oven safe (up to 200 °C, remove film before heating)
  • For ready meals, convenience food and much more